Our 100% human hair



Our premium grade, 100% human hair features Brazilian, Malaysian, European and Russian origins.

Everyone Deserves Flawless Hair

Flawless Hair offers 100%, authentic, 5A and 6A grade human hair. We believe in a premium quality that can give everyone the Flawless Hair they deserve. Our hair originates from Brazil, Malaysia, Europe and Russia. More details on origin and grade are below.


Brazilian Hair is used diversely because of its softness, natural shine, body, durability and thickness. This texture blends well with most ethnicities with coarse textures from Hispanic textures to African American textures. Brazilian hair is extremely luxurious with low to medium sheen. This hair is extremely versatile.


Malaysian Hair has an extremely luxurious feel. This hair is sleek and shiny with a low to medium luster. Malaysian hair hold curls extremely well and blends well with most hair types. It does not swell or frizz in humid conditions making it very low maintenance.


European Hair is extremely soft and fine in texture. The hair is collected from countries in Western Europe. This hair is sleek and has a high luster that blends well with fine Caucasian hair. This hair is very low maintenance and looks very natural when applied on most Caucasian hair.


Russian Hair is incredibly durable and soft with a high luster. Russian hair comes from the Cold Siberian regions and Northern territories of Russia. This hair has a high density because of genetic and climatic factors. Russian Hair blends well with Hispanic and African American relaxed textures.

Grade 5A

Hair is luxurious full cuticle hair. By retaining the full cuticle this allows for the hair to be safely bleached or dyed without damage if properly handled. 5A hair can be reused for a year and a half to two years if properly maintained.

Grade 6A

Hair Is luxurious hair full cuticle hair obtained from young donors. This hair is less likely to contain gray strands because its young donor. Like 5A Grade hair, 6A Grade hair can be safely bleached or dyed without damage if properly handled. If properly handled, 6A Virgin hair can be used for a lifetime.