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I'm here to tell you Black Does Crack

From my earliest memory of talking with my mother about makeup and skincare, I can remember her saying "We don't need to wear makeup or buy fancy skincare products because black don't crack." I grew up thinking exactly what my mother told me, I didn't need to wear makeup or use skincare products and continued to just be au natural with my white Dove soap bar. I didn't know how to put makeup on nor did I know the difference between what a toner and moisturizer did for my skin. For the most part, my skin was blemish free for 30+ years following my mothers "words of wisdom." When I hit my 35th birthday, my black started to crack, as my hormones and stress levels continued to change so did my skin. The once blemish free skin of my youth had started to be imperfect. Breakouts, dark spots, and dryness and because I was never taught about having a skincare regimen I freaked out. I looked to makeup to hide those imperfections but remember! I knew nothing about how to buy or apply makeup! I spent about a year of my life looking casket ready because I didn't know how to match my shade, find my shade or know how to apply makeup properly or even the correct tools to use to take it off. My skin continued to change and continued to break out and I was very self conscious. I tried everything that I saw on commercials far as cleansers and pimple creams and had facials to no avail. In fact some of those cleansers and the facials burned my skin. Of all places on plane in travel from New Orleans to Dallas I met a makeup artist named Noel. We started conversation and he asked me..."Honey, what is your skin regimen?" Of course I told him I didn't have one. He chuckled and said "Oh you're serious" Noel then did what forever changed my life. He explained to me the importance of skincare. How our skin changes over time and circumstance and how it's not only important to clean it but you also need to tone and moisturize it. Your skin is less likely to break out if its hydrated. He also explained to me that all makeup wasn't created equal. He hipped me to some high quality brands that also catered to black skin. I am forever grateful to Noel and I send him light and love wherever he may be. From that day forward I had a plan to nurture my skin. I promised to teach my daughters that they needed to do more than use Dove soap on their face. I am proud to say, my skin has come along way and so has my makeup skills. I now can walk amongst the living with beautiful clear skin that painted to the Gawds!

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