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Our Story

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Flawless isn't just my business, its my labor of love. Flawless was forged from necessity. The necessity to find quality human hair for my Aunt Jernell who was battling breast cancer for the second time. My aunt was a vibrant, charismatic, no nonsense type of woman that everyone loved. She would give you the shirt off her back, a hot meal and a swift kick in the butt if you needed it. I remember sleepovers with 50 kids and great cooking every weekend at my aunt's home. I really miss my aunt's cooking. My aunt saved me from drowning when I was a young girl and practically helped me raise my own children when she dropped everything to move with me to Dallas so I could travel for work. I had a strong bond with my aunt.


In 2010, While living with me in Dallas my aunt went into remission and had to move back to Houston to start chemo and radiation. As you can imagine her hair began to fall out. My aunt was a woman who went to the beauty salon every Saturday and took pride in the way she looked. It was difficult to watch my aunt go through so much pain and also lose the one thing I know she always took pride in keeping beautifully maintained. It was difficult finding wigs that didn't look cheap and old lady like. So she refused to wear them. I knew I had to do something.  So I decided I would learn to make wigs. I found a few vendors who would sell me hair bundles and started working with the hair, but the quality would change with every bundle. I am a consultant by trade and knew my clients always worked best when I was there with them so I flew to China and India to test vendor quality and let them know I was serious! By the time I found a vendor my aunt had decided she was tired of fighting and stopped her chemo and radiation.


My vibrant Aunt passed on Dec 24th 2011. Since that time I continued to make wigs, donate wigs, donate proceeds to cancer research in my Aunt's honor. I want to make sure ALL women fell empowered and beautiful through luxury hair and beauty services! Flawless continues to donate 10% of every purchase to American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen in my aunt's honor..

Today, Flawless continues to grow and has broaden our horizons into offering traveling beauty services to women and men. We specialize in makeup and hair services for whatever occasion you may have. I take pride in empowering other women to look and feel Flawless! As I always say everyone deserves to look and feel Flawless!

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